Lighting Management

Enhance occupant comfort and enjoy energy savings. Businesses, tenants and occupants increasingly expect intelligent, sustainable work and play spaces that learn, sense and react to real-world conditions. Enhance the value of your facilities with EnergetixTM Lighting Management to create refreshing, comfortable environments.

Save More with Intelligent Lighting

Customise schedules and automated system triggers to create intelligent, sustainable spaces for work and play

Work spaces

Automatically adjust brightness based on current lux levels (e.g. offices spaces next to windows, stairways or walkways) to reduce power consumption. Automatically trigger lights on if people enter a room after office hours or on weekends, and lights off when the room is vacant again, with pre-set delays.

Common areas

Trigger lights based on booking schedules to prevent energy wastage (e.g. meeting rooms and auditoriums) Automatically trigger lights on if people enter a room after office hours or on weekends, and lights off when the room is vacant again, with pre-set delays.

Storage areas

Trigger lights on if people enter a storeroom or less frequented zone, and lights off when the zone is vacant again, with pre-set delays.

Public spaces

Trigger lights on if current lux levels are low (e.g. street lights), and lights off when lux levels reach pre-set thresholds again

Enhance energy efficiency

Intelligent lighting can reduce energy costs by as much as 90%. Reduce your energy bill by matching lighting to lux levels and actual user needs, and making proactive decisions to enhance indoor and outdoor liveability.

Personalise zones to suit user activity and needs

Empower users with different lighting schedules and intelligent settings to allow greater personalisation over their work spaces. EnergetixTM Lighting Management provides the flexibility to light different zones in an office, building or factory at different times of the day. This drives energy efficiency while ensuring workplace safety.

Comprehensive asset management

EnergetixTM Lighting Management enables comprehensive management of lighting assets such as sensors, controllers, drivers, LED modules, ballasts, bulbs, fixtures and luminaries. With lighting asset data at your fingertips, analyse asset lifetime and better plan for maintenance to prevent downtime.

Key Features At A Glance

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Management

Support for both indoor spaces such as offices, staircases as well as outdoor perimeter lighting in public areas and parks.

Intelligent Sensing & Scheduling

Set and automate lighting schedules at pre-determined times for effective lighting management, without compromising safety.

Zonal Controls

Create and operate multiple zones, depending on occupancy status to reduce energy consumption.

Real-Time Statistics, Status & Energy Monitoring

Retrieve up to the minute readings of data including energy usage, burning hours and device lifetime.

Comprehensive Asset Management

Stay on top of the assets you have and be notified when maintenance is due.

Intelligent Mode settings

Select from 6 different operating modes to cater to your lighting requirements in different areas.

Personalised Settings & Scene Controls

Flexibility to address lighting requirements for different areas with personalised user preferences.

Tomorrow’s Liveability Delivered Today

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