Noise Monitoring

Measures sound levels continuously in any given indoor or outdoor area to monitor excessive loud noise at construction sites or in manufacturing plants. Get instant notifications when noise thresholds exceed prescribed limits for a given time of day.

Use Cases

Indoor noise monitoring in office workspaces to ensure optimal working environment according to best practices.

Outdoor noise monitoring at construction sites to ensure compliance to allowed noise levels.

Public Transport. Monitor noise in buses, trains and transit hubs to influence passenger behaviour to create a more pleasant commute for all.

Public Address System. Optimize volume for public address system by knowing the noise floor.

Monitor noise in public areas to enable real time alerts for faster response times to suspected crime.

Types of Sensors Used

  • Noise Sensor
  • Wireless Communication option


  • Simple and fast Installation
  • Wired and wireless options

Key Features

Real Time Dashboards

For overview of acoustic levels across different locations


For detection and notification of abnormal noise levels

Reporting Module

To schedule and automate report generation using standard reporting templates. Custom Templates can also be developed

Data Analytics

To understand acoustic level patterns and make better decisions

Mobile + Web Access

  • Mobile App enables users to have 24/7, 365 accessibility to view acoustic levels of different locations
  • Interactive dashboards display noise levels and statistics and smart goals publicly to engage with commuters and occupants
  • Web application provides real time information of noise levels to a centralized command centre

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