Data Centre Monitoring

Operate and manage critical Data Centre IT infrastructure facilities from a centralized command centre. Drive sustainable and energy efficient data centres with powerful optimization algorithms. Extend Data Centre information to selected tenants / users.

Use Cases

Owner operated Data Centres.

Co-location Data Centres.

Rackspace Data Centres.

Custom build data centres.

Types of Sensors Used

  • Power Meters, Chilled Water Meters
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors, hydrogen sensors
  • Dry contacts for Power and equipment
  • Branch Circuit Monitors
  • Integrate with Leak Detection Systems, UPS and CRAC Units
  • Wired and wireless options


  • Brand and equipment agnostic – integrates with all types of equipment used in a data centre
  • Supports protocols such as Modbus, BACnet, OPC, etc
  • Flexible and robust - start with a single data centre and scale up to multi data centres

Key Features

Real Time Data Centre Dashboard

With overview of key operating parameters

Power Chain Management

Provides real time power consumption, capacity and demand data as well as key KPIs such as PUE

Branch Circuit Monitoring

For PDUs monitor demand and capacity for each and every rack

UPS and CRAC Monitoring

Provide real time view of critical UPS and cooling parameters

Alarm Module

Enables real time detection of faults and abnormal operating parameters

Data Analytics

Provide insights to optimize data centre performance and energy consumption

Mobile + Web Access

Web Mobile App enables IT and facility managers to have 24/7, 365 accessibility to multiple data centres anytime and from anywhere
Centralised Fault Dashboard displays fault notifications in real-time enabling duty personnel to quickly respond and rectify faults

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