Plug Load Management

Monitors the energy consumption of electronic appliances that are plugged into electrical sockets. Enables appliances to be turned on or off according to a user defined schedule. Turns every appliance into a Smart Appliance.

Use Cases

Monitor energy consumption of plug connected electronics appliances such as printers, photocopiers, water coolers, vending machines, etc.

Schedule office equipment such as copiers, printers, wi-fi routers and pantry equipment to optimize energy consumption.

Turn on office and pantry equipment or other plug connected equipment when human presence is detected to optimize energy consumption.

Types of Sensors Used

  • Smart Plug


  • Wireless connectivity - easy setup and connection
  • Just plug into any power socket

Key Features

Remotely manage

Appliances that are connected to Smart Plugs

Add Schedulers

To automatically power appliances on and off

Monitor Energy

Each appliance connected to the Smart Plugs

Reporting Module

To schedule and automate report generation using standard energy reporting templates. Custom Templates can also be developed

Data Analytics

To visualize how and when appliances consume energy to reduce energy consumption and drive sustainability initiatives

Mobile + Web Access

  • Mobile App for easy management of all plug connected appliances
  • Plug Load Management Dashboard for overview of all plug connected appliances and operating schedules

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