Smart Lighting

Intelligent Lighting Controls reduce energy consumption for lighting by up to 50% by using occupancy and ambient lighting conditions to dynamically and optimally control lighting circuits. Provides centralize management of lighting and supports user personalization.

Use Cases

Offices. Optimize energy consumption through OnDemand lighting based on occupancy status in each lighting zone.

Corridor Areas. Activate lighting when human presence is detected.

Lobby Areas. Dynamic control of lighting levels using ambient lighting conditions.

Perimeter lighting. Dynamic activation of lighting based on sunshine levels and weather conditions. Turns on perimeter lighting for safety purposes during thunderstorms.

Path & Park lighting. Dynamic activation of lighting based on human presence for security purposes.

Types of Sensors Used

  • Lux and Motion Sensor
  • Wired or Wireless self powered option
  • Circuit Controller
  • Lighting Controller


  • Quick ROI - no expensive hardware required
  • No business disruption or modification of electrical circuits
  • Simple to install - Hassle free installation with all installation works perform at electrical distribution box

Key Features

Centralized Lighting Management

Manage all lighting in multiple locations from one application

Intelligent Sensing

OnDemand lighting based on human presence and/or ambient lighting levels. Powerful scheduling to manage different scenarios

Zonal Controls

Create and manage independent lighting zones to optimize energy consumption

Personalized Settings & Scene Controls

To set and save different lighting scenes, schedules or settings based on individual or area preferences

Real-time Statistics & Monitoring

To retrieve up-to-minute real-time readings of data including energy usage, burning hours and device lifetime

Mobile + Web Access

  • Mobile App enables facility and office managers to have 24/7, 365 accessibility to lighting control and management
  • Web Access centralises lighting configuration, management and dashboard through a single application

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