Fault Monitoring

Interfaces with dry contact for real time monitoring of equipment faults and operating status. Get immediate notifications for events such as machine failures, power trips and fire alerts. Improves response time to faults with real time notifications

Use Cases

Electrical Power Distribution. Get instant alerts for power trips.

ACMV. Monitor operation status of AHUs, FCUs and other Air conditioning equipment.

Fire Alarms. Monitor fire alarm signals for multiple locations from a central command centre.

Server Rooms. Monitor the status of ACMV equipment, water leak detection systems, power trips and more.

Mission critical equipment. Monitor critical equipment such as water pumps, lift motors and other equipment.

Types of Sensors Used

  • Digital Input Module
  • Self powered Wireless Digital Input module
  • Wireless Communication option


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Stick n Go with self powered wireless module
  • Cloud connected

Key Features

Fault Dashboard

Real Time fault dashboard showing list of all faults

Fault Ranking by Priority

Track faults by severity levels to prioritize and resolve faults in order of importance

In-Depth Fault Analytics

Understand when faults occur, duration of faults and cost impact. Pinpoint root causes

Time to Acknowledge & Recovery

Track response times and fault durations to improve service levels

Integrated with Alert Module

For seamless fault management

Mobile + Web Access

  • Mobile App for 24/7, 365 access to all faults from different locations
  • Web Application provides real time status of all faults to a centralized command centre

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