IoT Solutions

EnergetixTM IoT solutions to deliver a comprehensive suite of IoT applications. From air quality to lighting and occupancy management, start small and scale to millions of square footages across sites and cities

Air Quality Monitoring Solution

Measures a wide range of air quality parameters that affect occupant health such as particulate matter and toxic gases.

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BMS Integration

Enables facility and managers to access multiple building systems from a single command centre.

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Chiller Plant Monitoring Solution

Monitors the operation of chiller plants in real time to understand Chiller Plant Efficiency.

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Chilled Water Monitoring Solution

Monitors chilled water consumption in real-time from BTU Meters and Energy Valves connected to AHUs, CRAC Units, etc.

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Data Centre Monitoring

Operate and manage critical Data Centre IT infrastructure facilities from a centralized command centre.

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Desk Occupancy Management

Provides real time Occupancy status for each desk being monitored. Provides desk Utilization statistics for space planning.

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Electric Power Monitoring Solution

Measures electrical power consumption at Electrical Distribution Boards (DB), Sub Boards (SB) and Main Switch Board (MSB).

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Equipment Condition Monitoring

Monitor equipment operations to keep equipment operating at peak performance.

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Fault Management

Interfaces with Dry Contacts on any equipment for real time monitoring of equipment operating status.

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Fuel Monitoring Solution

Manage and monitor of fuel usage such as diesel, gas, heating oil and other fuels on a single dashboard.

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Lighting Controls Solution

Intelligent Lighting Controls to optimize energy using occupancy and ambient lighting levels.

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Low/High level Interface

Interfaces to analog sensors, dry contacts and pulse based equipment and any other equipment that has a low level interface.

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Mechanical Ventilation Fan Control

Regulates ventilation system to optimize occupant comfort while optimizing energy consumption.

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Meeting Room Occupancy Management

Provides meeting room occupancy data in real time, enabling quick identification of meeting no-shows as well as available rooms.

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Noise Monitoring Solution

Measures sound levels continuously in any given indoor or outdoor area.

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People Counting

Determines the number of people occupying an area, zone or floor.

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Plug Load Management

Monitors the energy consumption of electronic appliances that are plugged into electrical sockets.

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Server Room Monitoring

Complete monitoring solution for server rooms.

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Temperature & Humidity Solution

Measures ambient temperature and humidity or surface temperature.

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VRF/VRV Management

Provides in-depth information about the performance and efficiency of gas refrigerant type HVAC systems.

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Water Monitoring Solution

Monitors and collects potable and new water consumption data for small and large buildings, industrial buildings, plants and offices.

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Zone Occupancy Management

Determines if the zone or area is occupied. Best used for social areas which do not have clearly defined entries and exits.

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