Air Quality Monitoring

Measures a wide range of air quality parameters that affect occupant health such as CO2 particulate matter and toxic gases. Assures a healthy indoor environment. Provides real time data that can be used to engage with employees or tenants as well as to optimize the air conditioning or air circulation system.

Use Cases

Monitor indoor air quality in offices, shopping malls, childcare centres, aged care homes, educational campuses and other areas where people work.

Monitor air quality in laboratories, central kitchens and industrial manufacturing plants to ensure compliance with environmental health and safety standards.

Monitor toilet cleanliness to optimize cleaning schedules.

Control ventilation and get early warnings for air filter maintenance to optimize air quality parameters.

Types of Sensors Used

  • Particulate Matter - PM2.5, PM10
  • Gases – O2, CO, CO2, TVOC, HCHO, Ammonia
  • Wireless Communication option
  • Individual or all in one sensors available


  • Installs in hours. Fast and easy installation with wireless option
  • Cost effective solution for real time air quality monitoring
  • Self powered option available for Temperature, Humidity and CO2

Key Features

Real Time Air Quality Dashboards

Provide overview of air quality across different locations from a single app

Alarm Module

For detection and notification of poor air quality. Get instant notifications when air quality deteriorates

Smart optimization of HVAC systems

Using air quality data

Public Dashboards

Display air quality data on large screens to engage tenants, employees or occupants with real time air quality data

Reporting Module

To schedule and automate report generation using standard air quality reporting templates. Custom Templates can also be developed

Data Analytics

Provide insights about air quality trends and enable action to be taken to improve occupant

Mobile + Web Access

  • Mobile App for 24/7, 365 access to air quality data from different locations
  • Web Application provides real time air quality information from multiple buildings, offices or plants to a centralized command centre.

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