Meeting Room Occupancy Management

Provides meeting room occupancy data in real time, enabling quick identification of meeting no-shows as well as available rooms. Provides long term utilization and optimization rates for space planning and demand supply management

Use Cases

Meeting Rooms. Shows the status and number of people in a meeting room in real time.

Huddle Areas. Shows the status and number of people in a huddle area in real time.

Collaboration spaces. Shows the status and number of people in a collaboration spaces in real time.

Social Distancing. Tracks proximity and ensures safe distancing limits are kept at all times.

Types of Sensors Used

  • Room Occupancy Sensor
  • Wireless Room Occupancy Sensor
  • Advance Occupancy Sensor


  • Quick and simple installation
  • Wireless options
  • Mix and match different sensors for different areas
  • Cloud connected

Key Features

View real time Meeting Room occupancy on a digital floor plan

With information from different meeting rooms

Meeting Room occupancy dashboard

Tracks KPIs such as Utilization and Optimization rates

Historical Trending

To view historical occupancy trends for meeting rooms

Alarm module

Get notifications when meeting room occupancy exceeds allowable limits

Integration to 3rd Party Systems

Provides Open APIs that enable real time meeting room occupancy data to be connected to booking systems

Data Analytics

Provide strategic insights to drive capacity planning

Mobile + Web Access

  • Mobile App enables employees to have 24/7, 365 accessibility to meeting room occupancy to help them find preferred meeting spaces
  • Web Application centralises meeting room occupancy management and capacity planning through a single application

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