Mechanical Ventilation Fan Control

Regulates ventilation system to optimize occupant comfort while optimizing energy consumption. Intelligent sensing – can be paired with Temperature, CO, CO2 or any sensor for dynamic sensing and control.

Use Cases

Fresh air ventilation control for offices.

Exhaust air control for toilets.

Exhaust air control for carparks.

Ventilation control for factories.

Types of Sensors Used

  • Temperature, CO, CO2, Ammonia, Occupancy, etc
  • Integration to MV Fan
  • Cloud connected


  • Provides a simple solution without the use of a BMS or PLC
  • Cost effective and easy to install with wired or wireless sensor options available
  • Supports direct integration through HLI with ebmpapst fans

Key Features

Real Time Data & Alarms

Track Fan Controls, Temperature, CO2, CO and O2 levels in real-time and get instant notifications when air quality deteriorates

Smart optimization of MV fans

Using air quality performance indicators

Optimize energy consumption

With occupancy based controls


Operation of MV fans

Mobile + Web Access

  • Mobile App User-centric and intuitive interface that enables facility managers to efficiently manage mechanical ventilation requirements on the go
  • Web Access centralises mechanical ventilation controls through a single application

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