Data Centre Infrastructure Management

Creating a sustainable and energy efficient data centre environment. Monitor and gain end-to-end control over your IT and facilities infrastructure with EnergetixTM DCiM. Manage your data centres and IT server rooms the way you want to, access real-time insights and intelligent controls and keep your data centres running at optimal performance at all times while working remotely

Proactive command and control

Simplify data centre management by monitoring analytics across multiple data centres on a web or mobile application as well as a centralised fault management dashboard. View power usage effectiveness, faults, capacity and utilisation rates, temperature and humidity of multiple data centres at a glance.

Optimise data centre environment

Maximise uptime by ensuring constant vigilance over your IT and facilities infrastructure. Through intuitive and real-time visualisations and heatmaps, plot measurements such as temperature, humidity, density and power consumption to optimise energy use. Set up multi-condition alarms and alerts to manage the entire data centre environment, minimise risks and avoid hot spots.

Power chain management

View energy consumption in real-time at every point along branch circuits and the power chain, and be immediately alerted if additional power circuits are required. Monitor utilisation rates of each rack with greater reliability and perform power and capacity planning based on data intelligence and insights.

Chilled water metering for CRAC efficiency

Ensure that each component of your data centre infrastructure is operating at maximum efficiency and reliability. Enhance computer room air conditioning (CRAC) efficiency by tracking chilled water usage and monitoring utilisation rates in real-time.

Key Features At A Glance

DCiM Dashboard

View important KPIs on one page - PUE, Faults, Capacity and Utilisation rates, Temperature & Humidity readings, etc.

Intelligent Scheduling

Set and automate operation of equipment such as CRAC units.

Power Chain Management

Visualise power chain through an interactive graphic on capacity and utilisation as well as branching.

Alarm Management

Real time information about Faults, Warnings and Alarms through multi channels such as Email, SMS and Voice.


Automated generation & delivery of reports conforming to SS564 with custom templates.

Branch Circuit Monitoring

View capacity and utilisation rates for each rack in real time.

Temperature & Humidity

Heat maps and real time readings provide an accurate view of the cooling performance

CRAC Capacity & Utilization

Monitor CRAC capacity & utilisation rates

Maximise Performance and Energy-Efficiency

Minimise risks, lower your carbon footprint and make smarter data centre management decisions. Contact us today for prompt and expert consultation with a Green Koncepts professional.

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