Equipment Condition Monitoring

Keep equipment operating at peak performance. Receive alerts when pre-set thresholds are breached. Optimize equipment performance and energy consumption with predictive maintenance to reduce costs and improve uptime for mission critical equipment. Early identification of faults to prevent unplanned downtime for pumps, motors, mission critical equipment and civil Infrastructure. Shift to preventive maintenance to optimize asset lifecycle.

Use Cases

Pumps and motors. Keep mission critical equipment operating at peak performance and efficiency.

Civil infrastructure. Monitor bridges, flyovers, tunnels, train lines, etc to detect long term structural issues and ground movement effect.

Airport equipment. Monitor mission mechanical ventilation and conveyor belt systems to minimize
unplanned downtime.

Machines. Monitor the vibration patterns for machines to minimize unplanned downtime.

Path & Park lighting. Dynamic activation of lighting based on human presence for security purposes.

Types of Sensors Used

  • Advanced Vibration Sensor
  • Wired and wireless options available


  • Cost effective and simple installation. Simply stick sensor to the equipment being
  • Cloud Connected

Key Features

Performance Deterioration

For identification of degradation as soon as it happens to keep equipment running at peak performance

Predict Time to Failure

Using AI models to provide facility and plant managers advanced warnings

Faulty Part Identification

Using advanced data analysis to target maintenance or replacement of components

Data Analytics

Provide strategic insights into equipment usage patterns and operations

Mobile + Web Access

  • Mobile App enables users to have 24/7, 365 accessibility to view the status of equipment
  • Web App centralizes the management of different equipment from multiple locations through a single application

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