Green Koncepts Unveils Energetix™, a Cloud Energy Management Suite

Posted on09/01/2014

Singapore, 1 September 2014 – Green Koncepts, today announced Energetix, an Intelligent Cloud Energy Management Solution for Electricity, Water and Gas at BEX Asia 2014. Three new modules, VRSView, Urban OS and an enhanced RightLux were also unveiled to provide a holistic solution that will address the needs of commercial and office buildings, offices and industrial facilities.

Energetix – Intelligent Cloud Energy Management

Energetix provides a holistic cloud energy management solution for property developers, building owners, urban planners and facility managers to centrally monitor and manage electricity, water and gas usage for an entire portfolio of buildings, estates and cities. Energetix delivers powerful energy visualization, big data analytics and intelligent controls anytime, anywhere from any web-enabled device. With real time energy data, Energetix’s customers can optimize energy efficiency and reduce up to 30% energy costs in areas such as chiller plants, variable refrigerant systems, elevators, lighting, electrical and water consumption though continuous real time energy audits. The Energetix family includes ChillerView, RightLUX, UtilityView, VRSView, ReportView and UrbanOS. Energetix also includes support for SS591:2013 – Long Term Measurement of Chilled Water System Efficiency and BCA’s Operating System Efficiency (OSE) report required for Green Mark buildings.

VRSView is Singapore’s first real time variable refrigerant system energy dashboard that provides in-depth energy intelligence for variable refrigerant systems, widely used in industrial and commercial buildings such as schools, offices, retail stores and other small standalone buildings. VRSView provides centralized monitoring of multiple variable refrigerant systems from different buildings, located anywhere in the world. This will enable building owners and facility managers to centrally manage and optimize system performance, operating them in the optimum efficiency band to reduce energy consumption while ensuring a comfortable environment. VRSView will enable accurate and correct sizing and design of VRV systems and is expected to drive energy savings of up to 20%. VRSView will be available first on the Daikin VRV solution from 1 October 2014.

The first VRSView deployment is at Daikin Airconditioning Singapore. Daikin has selected Energetix and VRSView to centrally monitor their electrical and water consumption as well as measure the energy efficiency of their VRV systems at their office building, a Green Mark Platinum building, located at Ang Mo Kio.

“Energetix provides us with a centralized energy management platform to gain actionable insights towards optimizing our energy and water efficiency. In addition, Daikin centralize control “iTouch Manager” and “Airnet Energy Management System”, work together with Energetix to enable us to showcase the efficiency of our VRV system and allows our customers to operate their VRV system at the optimum efficiency band at all times. This will empower our customers to perform continuous energy audits that result in reduced energy costs,” said Mr. Ching Khim Huat, Managing Director, Daikin Airconditioning (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

Energetix will be showcased at the Daikin Airconditioning Singapore office during an eco-site tour for the International Green Building Conference (IGBC) delegates who have signed up for the tour on 3 September 2014.

UrbanOS is an energy management solution for Estate Energy Management and Smart Cities and provides property owners, REITs, town councils and city officials with a powerful tool to centrally manage a portfolio of buildings or estate to drive energy efficiency, track compliance and create a set of benchmarks that would allow peer to peer as well as absolute benchmarking. UrbanOS includes support for SLA’s OneMap and includes Big Data Analytics that provide powerful insights to drive operational best practices and shape occupant behaviour. This module also includes features such as real time alerts for maintenance functions such as damaged or stolen equipment, power outages or equipment failure. These alerts can be sent via email or SMS to improve response time and service levels.

RightLux is an intelligent lighting management solution for Street Lighting and indoor lighting. The new version includes Geographical Information System (GIS) navigation capability, using OneMap from the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and will also support Google Maps in the near future. RightLUX enables urban planners, town councils and park managers to configure and control street lighting remotely from a central location. RightLUX StreetLighting allows for the deployment of intelligent scene controls with powerful scheduling features and dimming groups to help optimize energy efficiency as well as provide advanced maintenance managementcapabilities such as real time alerts and asset management.

These modules form part of the Energetix Energy Management Suite and will be available from 1 October 2014.

Enabling an Energy Smart City at Jurong Lake District (JLD)

Green Koncepts also announced its participation in the Jurong Lake District (JLD) Smart Nation Pilots and Trials, an initiative involving over 10 Government Agencies such as the Infocomm Authority of Singapore (IDA).

As part of the JLD Smart Nation Pilots and Trials, Energetix has been deployed to HDB Blocks,the Jurong Regional Library and parts of the Jurong Lake Park.

Energetix will provide facilities managers, city and town councils with access to one common real time energy management platform to centrally manage energy consumption and generated solar energy in all libraries, residential precincts and towns. City and town councils will have access to energy consumption by estate, town or precinct with drill down by block type, locale, demographics as well as energy consumed by end use equipment. Energetix will also support the creation of a set of energy benchmarks which will allow peer to peer comparison to share best practice, a common reporting platform for green building compliance as well as tenant billing and opportunities to identify areas for energy savings and drive energy efficiency across all buildings such as estates and libraries within Singapore.

Energetix will also be deployed to Jurong Lake Park where NParks will be able to centrally and remotely manage park lighting, anytime, anywhere. RightLUX StreetLighting will enable intelligent scene controls, complete with powerful scheduling features and sensor networks to optimize lighting levels, safety and energy efficiency. RightLUX StreetLighting includes advanced maintenance management capabilities such as asset management and burning hour statistics. Real Time alerts and the use of GIS technology enable faults to be identified immediately and provide maintenance crews with the exact location of faults such as lamp failures, power trips and vandalism with pin point accuracy. These advanced features enable better energy efficiency, better service levels, better safety and higher productivity.

“We are excited to be part of IDA’s Smart Nation initiative where we are testbedding an enhanced real time cloud energy management platform to drive energy efficiency in Smart Cities, drive behavioural change with Real Time Analytics and streamline Measurement & Verification compliance through a common reporting platform. The results of this testbed will provide qualitative and quantitative evidence that would drive the business case for widespread adoption of such technologies in tomorrow’s cities and change attitudes towards energy usage, said Mr.Kenneth Lee, CEO, Green Koncepts.

Green Koncepts will be showcasing its latest innovation and Energetix solution at Booth: K20 during BEX Asia 2014 from 1-3 September 2014, Sands Convention Centre, Hall A, Level 1.

About Green Koncepts

Green Koncepts is pioneering the use of cloud technology in the field of energy management. Our goal is simple: to drive energy efficiency and sustainability in the urban environment. By deploying the power of cloud computing, we deliver disruptive innovation through our Intelligent Cloud Energy Management Solutions. Our focus on customers means all our solutions are designed to meet two key criteria – ease of implementation and ease of use. With affordable solutions developed on an open, scalable and interoperable platform, we help organizations of all sizes make intelligent and informed decisions to pro-actively manage their energy consumption for cost-effective, efficient and streamlined operations.

About Jurong Lake District Testbed

This CFC is a multi-agency effort in collaboration with Urban Redevelopment Authority (“URA”), Economic Development Board (“EDB”), Building and Construction Authority (“BCA”), Energy Market Authority (“EMA”), Housing and Development Board (“HDB”), JTC Corporation (“JTC”), Land Transport Authority (“LTA”), National Environment Agency (“NEA”), National Library Board ("NLB"), National Parks Board (“NParks”), Public Utilities Board (“PUB”), Singapore Land Authority (“SLA”), Singapore Tourism Board (“STB”) and Science Centre Board (“SCB”). This CFC offers participants the opportunity to partner with the Government, user organisations and other stakeholders in JLD to demonstrate multi-organisation, cross-sector solutions in a live mixed-used environment, leveraging ready access to real-time data and ICT connectivity. JLD is one of the new Growth Areas identified in URA’s Master Plan 2008 to support Singapore’s economic growth for the next 10 to 15 years, and to decentralise commercial activities out of the city centre by bringing jobs closer to where people live. It will be the largest commercial and regional centre outside the Central Business District (CBD). Surrounding JLD is a resident population of over 1 million and the largest concentration of industrial space in Singapore. The vision is for JLD to be a leading model for Singapore in developing a mixed-used urban precinct that is:

Sustainable: meeting the needs of the present without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs; where new developments are built sensitively reducing their environmental impact, resources are utilised efficiently, carbon footprint is reduced, and vitality and resilience of local communities and businesses are enhanced; and

Smart and Connected: where pervasive ICT connectivity and real-time large data collection will lead to greater awareness and insights, translating into improved liveability for residents, and more efficient operations and informed planning for agencies and organisations.

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