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Posted on07/28/2022

Building Systems EQ - Energy Efficiency without a BMS

Real-time Energy KPIs by Building Systems, Energy Efficiency Opportunities, Solar Generation and Interactive chart analysis

Enterprise-grade energy management as an activity is mostly reserved for new buildings.

This leaves out older, existing buildings - which make up 51% of the building stock in Singapore.

Retrofitting older existing buildings is more challenging than designing a new green building from scratch. It is more complex and potentially costly. Also, these buildings do not have building management systems (BMS) – which usually come with basic energy management functions - because they are too expensive to buy and maintain.

Which means decarbonizing your portfolio of smaller, older buildings is going to be really hard.

That is until now.

Introducing Building Systems EQ - the simplest and most cost-effective way to improve energy efficiency for existing buildings 

Building Systems EQ
is a new functionality within EnergetixTM Energy Management Module developed to "level the playing field" so that any building team - with or without a BMS - can easily access energy KPIs and insights to improve their energy efficiency It is the gold standard for energy management, allowing building teams to see a roll-up of real-time energy KPIs across building systems and more.

Energy efficiency performnace by Building Systems

You can see the energy performance of your HVAC system, lighting, lifts, plugload, data centers etc. with 5 pre-configured KPIs including Energy Use Intensity (EUI), Efficiency, 12-month consumption, % use (utilization vs capacity) and daily monitoring for improvement or deterioration.

Identify energy efficiency opportunities easily with benchmarking

When you benchmark building sites against each other across building systems, it quickly reveals disparities for investigation. You can then drill into each of the systems with a few clicks to view consumption trends, cross-relating them with occupancy, air quality, asset condition data.

Set energy efficiency targets by building systems with alarms
Your energy efficiency improvement plan comes with targets. You can now monitor, target and report at the right level easily with building systems alarms. Get early warnings when energy efficiency starts to deteriorate, enabling necessary remedial action, or change plans to stay on track with your sustainability goals. (complete your energy management plan with asset management using built-in Energetix IoT Platform feature)

Analyze energy trends with real-time interactive charts

Noticed something irregular? You can pinch zoom into the real-time energy data chart directly to analyze it - zooming in (to the minute) and out (to the year to date) as necessary on the same page. Prefer to see columns? Done. Need to export and share your findings? Done too.

Integrate all utilities without a BMS

You can integrate electricity, water, fuel, solar renewables, chiller plant performance on a single application for centralized energy management, anytime, anywhere. This means no more logging on to multiple apps, and collaborating with your team remotely

Solving solar generation without a weather station

Need to track the efficiency of your solar energy generation? No problem. API integration with solar panels means you have one less hardware to worry about and more time to shine.

Need a demo of Building Systems EQ?

If you Decarbonizing your building portfolio won't be a walk in the park. Let's try to make it simpler for everyone.

Sign up for a demo of Building Systems EQ or to see the entire Energetix by clicking on the button below, which will direct you to fill out a form to indicate your interest.

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